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About Catyna Design

Catyna designs is a company that creates african themed interior designs. We have a variety of products like window(Adire) blinds, African themed interiors, throw pillows,wine cloths, dispenser covers and other fashionable items.

Our range of products 

  • Adire Vertical Blinds:  is made from the use of tie and dye materials source locally and design by well experienced artisans from the South Western part of Nigeria. The slat of the Blinds is in Adire, Baktic with Chain and bottom plates to keep them vertically erect and firm. It shades and controls the effects of the afternoon sun, gleaming into homes and offices alike. It brings a sense of privacy and security in the home and office space. It gives our clients a happy space and happy you with a blend of African signature.
  • Aso-oke Vertical Blinds made from Nigerial traditional fabrics with same functionality like the Adire Vertical Blinds
  • African Traditional Blinds made from locally sourced indigenous textile in Africa. 
  • Adire Throw Pillows: are made from the use of Adire (tie-Dye). 100% Cotton and durable. The Decorative Pillows are fun and enliven your space. They are used in public parts of the house, such as sofas, Chairs and window seats. We have them in various colours and designs. It brings that African traditional looks into your space.
  • Adire Gift Bags: Made with a combination of Adire, batik designs and trimmings. It can be used as goodies bag and branded souvenirs for corporate organizations and individuals. 
  • Adire Table Covers: Is handcrafted and designed to protect the table or make them new again. It can be used at wedding receptions/ conferences for those who want a touch of African style.
  • Adire Beddings: These are handcrafted with creativity. It’s a blend of African cultural heritage with modern trends. It’s available in different colors and designs.
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